Fee Schedule - Bent River Community Credit Union

FEE SCHEDULE AS OF: 02/01/2016

Inactive Account Fee – $5.00 per month charge after 12 months with no activity in the account and the aggregate balance in the account is $500.00 or less. Activity includes deposit or withdrawal from share accounts, new loans, loan advances or loan payments. Accounts that have no activity for at least 12 months and have an account balance of $5.00 or less will be closed. Not applicable to members under the age of 18.

Return Mail Fee – $2.00 per item when returned as non-deliverable or with address correction. After 3 months of having undeliverable mail or when the account balance reaches $25.00, the account will be placed in the Escheat Processing Account in preparation for submission to the state.

Garnishment Judgment – Legal Orders – $10.00 per incident.

Notary Service – No charge.

Wire Transfer – Incoming – $10.00, Outgoing Domestic – $20.00, no Outgoing Foreign Transfers will be allowed.

Membership terminated and reopened within 6 months – $10.00.

Account Research/Reconciliation – $20.00 per hour.

Statement Copy – Cleared draft copy – $3.00 EACH. Recent history printout ($1.00 per page).

Returned Deposit Items – $5.00 per item.

Cashier’s Check – $1.00 per check, $2.00 if mailing.

Overdraft Transfer – $3.00 per transfer. Transferred in increments of $25.00.

Christmas Club Early Withdrawal Fee – $5.00

Overdraft/Non-sufficient Funds/Returned Item/Courtesy Pay Item – $27.00

Stop Payment Request – $27.00

Non-member check cashing fee – $3.00

Replacement Card (ATM/Debit) – $10.00

Rushed Card – $65.00

ATM Withdrawals/Transfers/Inquiries – Free at Bent River Community Credit Union owned machines. Three foreign (non-Bent River owned machines) transactions per month, $1.00 each thereafter.